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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Running in Mexico

Much to our surprise, we are doing much more running during our year in Mexico than soccer. But this seems to be fine with the children, they have joined a track team and they insist on participating in every race they hear about. The track team is a great bunch of kids and parents, they've really welcomed our family and been very kind to us. The coach is a teacher during the day and meets with the children every evening but Sunday, training any children that come. There is a lot of dedication there. There are two older girls that are on their way to pre-national competition this weekend. They may be the fastest girls in Mexico now and we think we may see them in the Olympics someday.

W & A did a 5K race this past weekend. The route was along a dirt road from one small community to the next. They were the only children and did a great job. In Feb, the family participated in several races in Poza Rica, everyone enjoying themselves. The weather is beginning to change (read HOT), so we may have to alter our running schedule (read 5am). Oklahoma will feel cool when we return in July!

Photos of recent runs below:

Mark and Austin half way through their 10k race in Poza Rica.

Willa: first lap

This was a 3/4 mile race Willa did in Poza Rica. Her coach tells us she is a great athlete.

Ansel's race

Ansel participated in a sprint. He was knocked down in all the excitement after the gun went off, but he jumped up and ran as hard as he could. He got third place! We were so proud he didn't give up.

After the race.

This was Austin's first 10k race and he did great. We were so proud of him, that was a long run. The other runners and the press were particularly interested in him. They all were a bit perplexed when they found out that he beat his dad, but Mark is resigned. We can't keep up with our children at this point! Our friends, Bernardo and Edna went along for the ride.

Carnaval was quite a show here in Papantla last weekend. I'll post the photos as soon as I get them uploaded.


At 9:16 AM, Anonymous Grandma Griffin said...

Congratulations, Austin, Mark, Ansel and Willa on the great showing in the races! You really are the BEST. Great writeup, Joy.


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