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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Flat Stanley visits Papantla!

Dear McKinley!
We had a visit recently from our dear friend Flat Stanley. He arrived from a fellow McKinley student, Ellen, in Mrs. Leisenfeld's class. We were happy to see an old face and showed him around town. Below are a few photos from our adventure. To see more photos, click on a picture below to be transferred to our flickr photo album.

FS with an attitude

The first thing Flat Stanley wanted to do was go to the square. Most Mexican towns are built around a central square. Around the square, or zocalo, is the largest church of the town, government buildings and stores. Weekends on the square are a lot of fun. We go almost every weekend to listen to music, visit with friends and eat some of the great food being sold (fresh roasted corn, fruit flavored ice cream, ice cold fruit juice). In this photo, FS is sitting with Elena (Willa's name in Spanish) on a park bench.

FS climbs the mural

There is a beautiful mural on one side of the park that tells the story of the region (from the pre-Columbian civilization of Tajin to the present day economy of cattle ranching, vanilla production and the oil industry). In this picture, FS climbed the mural with Austin.
FS and a Voladore

In this picture, FS is with a Voladore. The Voladores are Totonac Indians that participate in a religious ritual that involves a four story pole. Four Voladores fly off the pole, attached by a rope around their waist. You can see a photo of this ritual and more photos of Flat Stanley and the whole gang by clicking on a photo in this blog.

Thank you Ellen for sending Flat Stanley all this way. We sure miss McKinley and Norman and look forward to seeing everyone when we return in July.

Saludos De Mexico!


At 7:27 AM, Anonymous Grandma Griffin said...

I was glad to see Flat Stanley again! Austin sent him down to see me in March of 2004, and I took Flat Stanley around Cuernavaca and also with me to Guatemala and Costa Rica that month. We had great fun and he took his mementos with him back to Norman to show Austin's class. How nice that he got to visit Papantla this year!


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